About Us


Ghostwind Weimaraners were established in 1973 when we purchased our first male Weimaraner. One Weimaraner soon became four and from then on we have never been without at least four in our home. We pride ourselves on breeding Weimaraners that are healthy in mind and body and to that end we give a written guarantee with every puppy we sell. Our most important requirement when placing Weimaraners in pet homes is to ensure they became part of the family, enjoying home life, whether it be in front of the fire or running along the beach chasing a ball with the family.

How was the name Ghostwind arrived at?

The Weimaraner is known as the Greyghost of the Canine world and they are as fast as the wind. By joining Ghost & wind the name "GHOSTWIND" was born.


Our foundation Weimaraners were purchased in Perth, Western Australia from Weimaraners born in Victoria. Soon after the first Weimaraner arrived we realised that we were going to show and breed these wonderful dogs which has become a lifetime commitment. Ghostwind has purchased new bloodlines from all over the world in an attempt to maintain the best breeding stock with the healthiest gene pools available.

The first litter born at Ghostwind contained the record making Australian Champion Ghostwind Brigadier. Brigadier set records in Western Australia by becoming the first Weimaraner to win the PJ Piggford Trophy, awarded by the Gundog Club of WA, for the Top Dual Purpose Gundog. Brigadier's Sire was Australian Champion Greymar Regal Rebel, a young dog we purchased from the famous Greymar Kennels in Victoria. Soon after more imports into the kennel arrived, the most influential of these being the bitch, Aust Champion Quailmaster Nimbus ( Sage ) Sage was mated to the UK import, Aust Champion Monroe's Zebedee (Imp UK) This mating was to produce the all time Top winning Weimaraner, Aust Champion Ghostwind Claim To Fame. Not only was Fame a wonderful showdog but he also became a wonderful producer. In a very limited show career, Fame won the prestigious Pedigree Top Dog All Breeds award three years running, a record at the time not only for a Weimaraner but for any other breed. Fame also went on to sire in excess of 40 Champions for Ghostwind and many, many more for the top kennels in Australia and New Zealand.

In 1984 the longhaired Weimaraner, Nani's Charmin for Ghostwind (imp USA) arrived and was mated to Fame and this litter produced 7 puppies, 6 of which became Champions, a record in it's self. The Charmin/Fame progeny was much sought after and proved to be wonderful producing stock for those lucky enough to have access to these lines in a breeding program. Further down the track more imports arrived to add to the gene pool, one being American/Australian Champion Nani's Windward Gale (imp USA), another Australian Champ Silberfell von Fusen(imp NZ).These bloodlines can still be found in the dogs at Ghostwind with an addition of recent bloodlines brought into the country in Frozen Semen form. The semen is from the world famous Nani's kennels the sire's being American Ch Nani's Smart Aleck and American Champion Nani’s Concert Master.


In 1986 I became a licensed All Breeds Judge and have had the privilege of judging Weimaraners in many countries through out the world. I guess the highlight of judging Weimaraners was officiating at the Weimaraner Club of Great Britain Championship Show in Sept 2006. 

In 2006 I was fortunate enough to judge the TOP 20 in the USA at the American Weimaraner National. One of the dogs in this line up stood out to me, Am/Can Ch GraytSky’s Smokin In Havana (Mac). I forged a friendship with the owners & breeders, Amy & Michael Anderson of the Graytsky Kennels, and after much discussion they agreed to let Mac come to Australia for two years. This has been a wonderful opportunity for the breeders in Australia to access one of the best Weimaraners in the USA.

As well as judging I have sat on the National Weimaraner Council as President 1991-2009. As well as judging I have often had the opportunity when visiting other states in Australia and in many overseas countries to lecture to judges and trainee judges alike about our wonderful breed.


In 2003 we relocated to Tasmania. Mac progeny is now starting to make itself know in the shown ring in most states of Australia with puppies winning their classes in show and group.

In 2015 Ghostwind bred/owned dogs continue to win at every level in the show ring, outstanding performances in the performance arenas and producing wonderful and loving companions.   2016 will see the arrival of our new import Kristo.

Early 2018 Ghostwind has relocated back to Perth Western Australia where we have settled back into the swing of all things Weimaraner.